Petra van den Bos

I work as a PhD student at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My PhD position is part of the project SUpersizing Model-BAsed Testing (SUMBAT), supported by NWO, and supervised by Jan Tretmans and Frits Vaandrager. Before that, I completed my bachelor and master Computing Science at the Radboud University.

My current research focusses on test selection techniques for model-based testing. However, I also enjoy to make a side-step to any formal methods field through collaboration with other researchers.
Petra van den Bos


  • Petra van den Bos, Jan Tretmans. Coverage-Based Testing with Symbolic Transition Systems Submitted to TAP 2019. Proofs will appear.
  • Petra van den Bos, Marielle Stoelinga. Tester versus Bug: A Generic Framework for Model-Based Testing via Games. GandALF 2018. Download paper Download proofs Download slides
  • Petra van den Bos, Ramon Janssen, Joshua Moerman. n-Complete Test Suites for IOCO (extended version). Software Quality Journal, Springer. 2018. Download paper
  • Petra van den Bos, Ramon Janssen, Joshua Moerman. n-Complete Test Suites for IOCO. ICTSS 2017. Download paper Download slides
  • Petra van den Bos, Rick Smetsers, Frits Vaandrager. Enhancing Automata Learning by Log-Based Metrics. iFM 2016. Download paper Download slides

Teaching assistant

  • 2015-2018 Testing Techniques (master course)
  • 2015-2017 Assertion and Argumentation (on logic & proving, 1st year course)
  • 2012-2015 Modelling and Databases (1st year course)


  • Email: concatenate my first name, the symbol '@', and the capital letters, seperated in groups of two by '.', in: 'Computing Science Radboud University NetherLands'
  • Office: Mercator 1, room 1.12