Petra van den Bos

I work as an assistant professor in the Formal Methods and Tools group of the University of Twente. Before that, I had a postdoc position in the project Maximal Reliability of Concurrent and Distributed Software (Mercedes), lead by Marieke Huisman. I did my PhD at the Radboud University in the project SUpersizing Model-BAsed Testing (SUMBAT) with Jan Tretmans and Frits Vaandrager. My current research focusses on software correctness and software quality in general, and on model-based testing specifically. Petra van den Bos


  • Tannaz Zameni, Petra van den Bos, Arend Rensink, Jan Tretmans. An Intermediate Language to Integrate Behavior-Driven Development Scenarios and Model-Based Testing Accepted at VST 2024. Download paper
  • Petra van den Bos, Marielle Stoelinga. With a little help from your friends: semi-cooperative games via Joker moves. FORTE 2023. Best Artefact award. Download paperDownload artefact
  • Tannaz Zameni, Petra van den Bos, Jan Tretmans, Johan Foederer, Arend Rensink. From BDD Scenarios to Test Case Generation. A-MOST 2023. Download paper
  • Humaid Mollah, Petra van den Bos. From User Stories to End-to-end Web Testing. INTUITESTBEDS 2023. Download paper
  • Simon Bliudze, Petra van den Bos, Marieke Huisman, Robert Rubbens, Larisa Safina. JavaBIP meets VerCors: Towards the Safety of Concurrent Software Systems in Java. FASE 2023. Download paper
  • Petra van den Bos, Sung-Shik Jongmans. VeyMont: Parallelising Verified Programs instead of Verifying Parallel Programs. FM 2023. Download preprint Download paperDownload artefact
  • I attended Dagstuhl Seminar Principles of Contract Languages. Download DagStuhl Report
  • Petra van den Bos, Marieke Huisman. The Integration of Testing and Program Verification - A Position Paper. Festschrift Frits Vaandrager. 2022 Download paper
  • Sung-Shik Jongmans, Petra van den Bos. A Predicate Transformer for Choreographies - Computing Preconditions in Choreographic Programming. ESOP 2022. Best Paper nomination. Download paper

Current teaching tasks

  • Master course Software Engineering Techniques
  • Master course Industrial Software Engineering Project
  • Bachelor study unit Design in module Software Systems
  • Programme mentor for the Software Technology specialisation of the Computer Science master


  • Email: p dot vandenbos at utwente dot nl
  • Office: Zilverling 3120